a few good ideas for your home

Maximize your home with thoughtful planning

Many elements contribute to the ultimate enjoyment of your surroundings. A house is really not a home unless it is a welcoming, comfortable refuge .  It should have a sense of order and peace . And it must reflect your personality.

Considerations and decisions

Plan energy efficiency into your project.   Choose to divide HVAC zones in your home to better control your environment. 

Find a low-cost energy supplier.


 If elements are arranged in an orderly fashion, they will seem deliberately planned, rather than randomly and haphazardly placed.   A porch under construction still looks well-planned because it is delineated with a neat row of columns.

Symmetry always brings order to chaos. Matching lamps or vases on either  side of an entry table create order even when other items find their way to the same table. 

Columns on either side of a door make a hospitable statement: “this is a safe place and we will embrace you”.


Don’t get stuck thinking that rooms have a single use.  Turn a bedroom into a kitchen! 

Orient rooms to take advantage of natural light. Think of how to make the most of it.    


Think  of eliminating old, ugly, inconvenient, hard to clean storm windows! Always consider insulation value of windows and doors.  Many older homes will be much more comfortable when old sashes are replaced with new, double-paned glass.  

Do you know the difference between simulated divided lite (SDL) windows and snap-in grille inserts?  SDL’s create shadow effects on either side of the glass and look like real divided lite panes.  Choose SDL’s to enhance design and reflect quality.

A beautiful fence separates a house close to the street with style.